Pit Launch Drill

The McL-10 Pit Launch Drill is powerful yet compact with both a 7’ and 5’ drill rack footprint. The McL-10 is an ideal drill for installing water and gas services for projects with set-back restrictions where surface launch HDD machines are challenged to achieve needed bore grade in a short distance.




Maximum pressure2,500 psi (170 BAR)
Maximum flow25 GPM (95LPM)
Spindle speed0-125 RPM
Forward thrust @ 2500 psi17,670 lbs (7,860 kg)
Pullback @ 2500 psi13,250 lbs (5,895 kg)
Spindle torque1,030 lbs (1,392 Nm)
5' model7' model
Width45” (114 cm)45” (114 cm)
Length60” (153 cm)84” (214 cm)
Overall height51” (130 cm)51” (130 cm)
Drill weight1,100 lbs (500 kg1,200 lbs (545 kg)
Drill centerline12.25” (31 cm)12.25” (31 cm)